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PHP News Portal Development Service

News portals are online communication mediums that are used in the delivery of technology news and current news. This communication medium is increasingly popular because it is cheap and it offers flexibility since it is possible to read the news wherever you are, even on the move, whenever you want. PHP news portal development is the development of a news portal using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor Programming). PHP is a popular server-side, general purpose scripting language, which was developed back in 1995.

Advantages of PHP for News Portal Application Development

PHP is advantageous over other scripting languages such as ASP since it is open source. Being open source means it is completely free of charge, meaning you save money even if you hire a PHP news portal development company. Being open source also means you will get great support from online discussion forums and through mailing lists by gurus and by the developer. PHP is advantageous for PHP news portal development in that it is meant for dynamic websites, meaning your news portal will be fast. PHP is fast to learn and to use, it is compatible with all the major data bases, and it works on all operating systems.

Advantages of Hiring a PHP Website Development Company

You could do PHP news portal design yourself, but hiring a pro has more advantages. The greatest advantage of hiring a pro is the fact that you will benefit from the professionalism offered by a professional news portal development company. The professionalism is due to the fact that these pros have the necessary experience, theoretical knowhow, contacts, and tools to give you a great news portal. Hiring a PHP website development company is advantageous in that you get unparalleled convenience – the process can be time and energy consuming. Hiring a PHP news portal company is advantageous in that it means you do not need to hire a permanent IT team, meaning you will end up saving money.

Qualities of a Good PHP News Portal Development Company

A good PHP news portal company should be credible and reliable. You could make this determination by considering independent reviews and by considering the qualifications of the staff. A good company should use White Hat SEO techniques only. A good PHP news portal service should have low rates, but cost considerations should be secondary.

The Features of a Good PHP News Portal Solution

Different news portal application development services have different solutions with different features. Nonetheless, some of the features you should never compromise on are administration ease, addition of images in articles, customized HTML, automated Newsletter systems, support for real time changes, features to track visitor numbers, features to easily add/archive/edit articles and news. Others include promotion addition options, features to upload image with thumbnail, features to add/remove/edit banners/advertisement, multi-level user features, and tell-a-friend options.

The Process of PHP News Portal Development

The first step in the PHP news portal development process is identifying your objectives and communicating this to the PHP news portal service. The pros will define solution plans from which you will choose. A blueprint will be created and customized and you will then get a custom-built solution after making a deposits.

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