Static to Dynamic Website Conversion

Dynamic Website Development in PHP

A dynamic website is one that has content that is easily modified at any one time without the modifier requiring programming knowledge and without the support or the permission of the webmaster. A good example of this is a blog where you can input blog comments at any time. The content you add could be an image, a text, an ad for e-business, a membership, mutual information and database, a hyperlink, or a shopping cart when doing online shopping. Some dynamic websites have different administrators, all with privileges that vary, all the content Web pages on the site are managed in real time, and it is possible to add new Web pages and entire sections to grow the website. With these websites, it is possible to put information in an ordered and organized way and to generate different product pages depending on the suitability of the reviewer.

Advantages of Using PHP for Dynamic Website Development

Some of the most effective languages in dynamic website creation are ASP and ASP.Net, but PHP is the undoubted leader in this. One advantage of PHP is that it supports all the major databases that are necessary in a dynamic website solution, among them Microsoft's SQL, My SQL, Oracle, and MS Access. PHP is open source, meaning that it is free of charge and there is a lot of support in the online community through mailing lists and discussion forums. PHP is compatible with all operating systems and it is also advantageous in that it is easy to learn and use.

What is PHP?

PHP is a popular server-side, general-purpose scripting language that was developed in 1995. The scripting language was made for dynamic Web development and for this, it is contained in HTML source documents and is only interpreted by Web servers through PHP processor modules. PHP is free of charge and is cross platform. So far, the scripting language has been used in over twenty million sites and over one million servers.

An Overview of PHP Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic website in PHP is best designed by a dynamic website development company. This is because you will get professionalism since pros in a PHP dynamic website service have the necessary experience, theoretical knowhow, tools, and contacts. Hiring a pro gives you unparalleled convenience and it actually saves you money since it means you do not need to hire a permanent IT team. You should consider outsourcing PHP dynamic website to India. PHP dynamic website development India is advantageous in that the country is known for its quality Web design and its relatively low rates.

Features of a Good PHP Dynamic Website Solution

Different professional dynamic site PHP services offer solutions that have different features, but there are features you should never compromise on when doing PHP dynamic website design. The solution should have page management, a search facility, menu management, guestbook management, contact form and header banner management, integration of seamless payment gateways, facilities to add inquiry baskets, shopping cart integration (in eCommerce websites), dynamic flash designs, and user management.

ABC of Converting a Static Website to a Dynamic One

If you have a static website (the opposite of a dynamic website), you could migrate it to a dynamic website (you do not need to create one from scratch). A good PHP website development company India will help you in this.

Wanted to convert Static website to Dynamic PHP website?

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