Static to Dynamic Website Conversion

Static to Dynamic Website

As the term suggests, PHP static to dynamic website conversion is the conversion of a static website into a dynamic one using PHP. PHP is a popular scripting language that was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and that is developed by The PHP Group.

What is the Difference Between Static Websites and Dynamic Websites?

Static websites usually have a basic look and they are used where information does not need to be updated regularly. These websites can only be updated by webmasters. These websites are cheaper to develop compared to dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are more expensive to develop and they are characterized by ease of updating for people with limited programming knowledge and from remote locations. These websites are best suited for such purposes as eCommerce systems, discussion/bulletin boards, CMS, and extranet or intranet facilities.

Advantages of Static to Dynamic Website Conversion

There are several reasons why you should convert your static website into a dynamic one. A dynamic website is easy to update and to maintain. A dynamic website can be managed using a Content Management System (CMS), meaning you can add content and remove information easily. Note that it is not possible to update a website that does not have CMS regularly. This conversion is important because it is easier to incorporate interactive features, thereby improving the functionalities of websites. Creating a dynamic website is an effective way of managing an eCommerce website since it is possible and easy to manage such things as bookings, payments, customer databases, and product databases. With a dynamic website, there will be no 'work flow' delay (which is common in static websites). Delivering good content to help users with their business needs is easy. Another advantage of doing static to dynamic conversion is that it is easy to make updates on websites from remote locations. Static websites are disadvantageous in that it is difficult to incorporate complex online solutions such as tickets, booking systems, accommodation facilities, and online storefronts, but this is not a problem with dynamic websites.

Why Use PHP for Static to Dynamic Website Conversion?

Static to dynamic PHP site conversion is advantageous since PHP is open source, meaning it is free of charge and there is a lot of support from online open source communities (through such mediums as online discussion forums and mailing lists of PHP gurus and The PHP Group). PHP is advantageous since it is easy to learn and easy to use. The website converted will be fast since PHP is made for dynamic Web pages. PHP is secure and is compatible with all operating systems. The scripting language is also compatible with all the major databases and browsers.

Advantages of Hiring a Pro for PHP Static to Dynamic Website Conversion

Hiring a pro to convert your static site to dynamic site is advantageous in that you will get professionalism since these pros will have the necessary training, experience, tools, and contacts. Creating a dynamic website PHP is time and energy consuming, but hiring a pro will give you unparalleled convenience.

Qualities of a Good PHP Static to Dynamic Website Conversion Company

A good company is one that provides different services under one roof and you should therefore go for a company that offers related services such as HTML site to PHP conversion. A good company is credible and reliable, has well-trained staff who are experienced, and has low charges. Go for a static to dynamic website India Company if you want low charges.

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