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Web Application migration is the moving of applications from one website hosting company to the other for such reasons as dissatisfaction with the bandwidth and disk space allotment by one company and needing more features such as databases, multimedia files hosting, and shopping carts. The term is also used for other types of migrations such as migration from static websites to dynamic websites. PHP application migration is the use of PHP for this migration. PHP is a popular scripting language that was developed in 1995.

The Benefits of Website Application Migration

One of the greatest advantages of website migration is that you get enhanced functionality if you were using a Web host who did not offer the functions you need. When you migrate, you get to use new technologies that might not have been previously available. Migrating is also important in that you get better user experience, it is a solution for existing limitations, and you get to pick system functions that are cost-effective. You can pass the benefits you get from the migration to Web users, meaning you will get a website that is more user-friendly. You will also get a website that is optimized for search engines.

Services to Expect from a Web Application Migration Company

Different PHP web application migration companies offer different services. One of the services that you should expect from your PHP website development company is application migration across the same platform (such as PHP 4 to PHP 5 migration). You should also expect cross-platform migration such as ColdFusion to PHP migration and .Net to PHP migration. You should expect the migration of data servers and databases such as MS Access to MS SQL Server 2005 and Oracle to MS SQL Server 2005. Other migrations that your website migration company should offer are static site to dynamic site migration (HTML to PHP migration), migration from one host to another, code restructuring, and performance optimization. The company should also offer other related services such as PHP shopping card development, PHP news portal development, and Web 2.0 design.

Advantages of Using PHP in Web Application Migration

The greatest advantage of using PHP for Web application migration is the fact that it is open source. This means it is free of charge, effectively bringing down your costs even when doing professional PHP website migration and ensuring that you get valuable customer support through online communities. PHP is fast since it is created for dynamic Web pages. PHP is easy to learn and use, it is compatible with all the major databases, and it works on all operating systems.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor Programming) is a popular scripting language that was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and that is developed by The PHP Group. The PHP code comes incorporated into HTML source documents and is interpreted by Web servers that have PHD processor modules.

Advantage of an Online PHP Web Application Migration Service

You should hire a pro for PHP migration because you will get professionalism and unparalleled convenience. The best place to get such as company is over the internet since you get to compare different options, meaning you will get low rates and the best possible company, your anonymity is maintained, and you get unparalleled convenience. Consider a website migration service India since the country is known for its process in Web design and for its low Web design costs.

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